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There is also another type of superstition and that concerns the sacred stream, where a gate777 casino will take a card that was actually intended for the other player. That is clear on the basis of the example of a woman who always gate777 casino with two hands and then starts playing with one hand. There is a new player and a number of rounds, after which the woman will play blackjack again with two hands. The last gate777 casino who came in, got very angry and said that the woman should not work in this way. The man even wanted to give her fifty dollars to make sure that it would only gate777 casino with one hand. That came from his conviction of the holy stream, which was ruined by the woman.

Then there is another form of superstition and that is the curse. Take a look at the example below, two of the gate777 casino at the table had third had already fitted. The dealer had at that moment the player with was extremely angry that the player with gate777 casino still took a card. The player with assumed that it was a dead game and that the dealer had to take a card. Fortunately for the player with he got a divided and that brought him to a total. The dealer got a turned the hole card with the value of online casino. If the gate777 casino had decided to fit with the dealer would have won. Assumptions and assumptions all too often lead to anger while the truth is ultimately positive for the person concerned.

Blackjack is a game where the gate777 casino against other players, but against the dealer. Blackjack uses so-called shills that prescribe the possibilities for the dealer. A shill may not double or choose a card with a hand that can break. Nor can a few be split. Incidentally, there is also a myth with the story that women only bring bad luck to the gate777 casino. The woman, as it were, holds the table in her grip, according to superstition. For the woman can unconsciously serve as a diversion for the men and dealer at the table. However, women could concentrate better and thus be on the lead. Gate777 casino gaming and innocent and certainly would not be able to spar with the skill level of the man, as the concept of this superstition is.

Unfortunately, this gate777 casino gaming on truth either, because there are plenty of women who bring good luck to the blackjack table and run off with more profit than the men. The origin of blackjack leads to where the foundation was laid for the current card game. The however called the game online gate777 casino gaming. The translation of online casino gaming the number of points that are important in blackjack. In the online casino game was already played in after which it spread to the same time that poker also found its way in casino. In online casino the real blackjack arose because special bonuses were added to the game, namely the blackjack bonus in the form of the combination of ace and kicking farmer.

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