The Town Of Light Review

Such an Interesting Story

The Town Of Light feels like its very own casualty plan. While it recounts a fascinating though aggravating story of psychological well-being treatment in the mid 1900s, it’s tormented by monotonous gameplay, long load times, and visual issues that keep it away from conveying the effect it endeavors to convey.

In view of genuine records from the 1930s and ’40s, The Town of Light concentrates on Renee, a young lady who’s experienced serious maladjustment for the dominant part of her life. Her battle started with sporadic power outages as a kid and in the long run formed into episodes of nervousness and the hints of unusual voices in her mind. Pushed over the edge by the detestations of a rape, Renee is unfeelingly dedicated to this present reality Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra, an understaffed, stuffed haven in the Tuscan town of Volterra, Italy.

You expect control of Renee sometime later; when the refuge has for some time been deserted. She’s a to some degree temperamental storyteller, neglecting to review precisely what happened amid her residency at the shelter. Most by far of your time is spent meandering the corridors and grounds of the huge doctor’s facility, sorting out what happened to Renee amid her spell. You return to destinations of awful mishaps, find and study pages from her diary, and page through restorative records, which offer enlightening understanding into the alarming, brutal ways rationally sick patients were dealt with almost a century prior.

At first you’re sent to the refuge’s external grounds to look at gravestones in a cemetery, yet you’re at that point transported into a subjective maze in Renee’s brain. You’ll walk perpetually, attempting futile to make sense of where to go and what to do next. All of a sudden and for no logical reason, you’re sent once more into the refuge. Both of these segments are confusingly planned, extending on far longer than feels fundamental. It’s at this phase The Town of Light quits being a fascinating examination of a harried personality, and turns into a baffling amusement that may not be worth finishing all things considered.

At any rate on Xbox One, the greater part of this is aggravated by poor specialized execution. There are reliable edge rate issues when you’re investigating outside the shelter, where handing over any bearing additionally brings about discernible screen tearing. Load times are similarly off-putting, extending on for upwards of a moment at any given moment. This is likewise the case inside menus, where opening up the collectibles screen comes at the cost of around a 30-second hold up.

It’s disillusioning to see The Town of Light battle so frequently, on the grounds that the story it presents is both nerve racking and dazzling now and again. While there’s an intriguing story to be found in its reality, the occasion to-minute gameplay and redundant situations force an unavoidable discomfort. Given the way that the amusement depends on real records of psychiatric treatment in the mid 1900s, you may be in an ideal situation looking into the genuine stories that roused The Town of Light instead of driving your way through a rendition of them here.


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