San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Cosplays

The Most Remarkable 10 Cosplays In Comic-Con 2017

Comic-Con is accepted the one of the most popular fairs by gamers and comic book lovers. Comic-Con 2017 was organized on July 6-9 in San Diego and it was really fun.

I would like to specify that, Comic-Con event has been growing really quickly in recent years thanks to game & comic book lovers. In addition, most of people from outside United States of America showed such a great interest to Comic-Con 2017. Unfortunately, I was not there because of my business but my best friend went to Comic-Con 2017 and he saved very nice memories and cosplay photographs. I decided to share this cosplays with you.

Actually, I have so many cosplay photographs but I had to choose remarkable 10 for you. It was really hard to decide but I finally selected 10 striking Comic-Con 2017 cosplays and I’m so excited to share with you.

                                                     10 –  Blackwatch Genji

                                                        9 – Wonder Women

                                                          8 – Russell | UP !

                                                                  7 – Hela

                                                                  6 –

                                                    5 – Fallout Stormtrooper

                                                      4 – Snow White Walker

                                                                   3 – Rick

                                                            2 – Arkham Joker

                                                             1 – Poison Ivy

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