A Big Surprise Is Coming From No Man’s Sky

Hi Gamers have been playing an Alternate Reality Game with No Man’s Sky players for as long as few month. It appears to be at long last arriving at an end as all dates point to July 21 for something important to happen.

Not long ago some committed players of the No Man’s Sky people group got tape tapes, with secretive messages, which they needed to unravel.

Whenever decoded, it explained “Entrance” (as in entry to an another universe).

Additionally advance has lead players to a site, which once enrolled, gave them access to a Twitch livestream video which indicates that something important is going ahead July 21, yet just a chosen few will have the capacity to enter.

It would appear that there are a select number of Level 4 Atlas Passes which will be granted to 10,000 candidates, yet they’ll have to finish a survey and a modest bunch of assignments before they’re regarded commendable.

Could be the Beta! Just a chosen few players can enter; you must be a committed player, enroll for it and give criticism. An “interior update” uncovers that “Venture Walking Titan” will be finished in August.

Whatever it is, the chosen players can attempt and access Project Walking Titan on July 21 which is the point at which we’ll all most likely discover what truly matters to this. You can watch this announcement from below

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