LiquidSky Gaming Software

First of all, I want to say that everyone has not such a remarkable high-tech computers on their hands. However, LiquidSky brings this technology to your home. Actually, LiquidSky working logic is very simple : It provides you such a fast server and you can connect this own server with LiquidSky account. 

You don’t have to pay huge numbers for a good computer. Instead of, you can use LiquidSky Technology and you able to play every game on your own computer. Actually this process is much easier than you think and I will explain this process briefly. Don’t worry about it , you will play all the games you want, when you read this article.

How can you play high-tech games with LiquidSky ?

1-) After all, you need to download LiquidSky software and you can reach from here. Then you have to choose your operating system. Also, according to minimum requirements of Liquidsky : You need to use Windows 8+, 2 Gb Ram, 250 Mb Storage and Integrated Graphics Intel HD 4000 or better for downloading.

2-) The second step is the account creation. After the downloading LiquidSky software, you must create own LiquidSky account. This step is really easy and you able to use your e-mail for creating LiquidSky account.

3-) After the creation of your own account, you have to select a data center. This step is the most important one because if you want to play great Ms ( Ping ) on online-games, you should choose the closest location. To give an example : I have been living for long years in United-Kingdom and if I choose London data center, I can play with low Ms ( Ping ).

4-) The other step is about performance of computer. After the selection of data center , you will have 2 options such as High and Ultra. LiquidSky is giving you 1 trial day for using program. Therefore, you can choose only High options at the first. If you want to use on Ultra mode, you have to pay money for this option. However, I personally agree with the assertion that, you should use high mode at the beginning because firstly you need to learn LiquidSky program and develop your skills about program information.

5-)Finally, you choosed your data base and performance. Then, you can download the game you want from Steam platform and you able to play seamlessly.

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