Hearthstone : Frozen Throne Expansion

New Single-Player Missions and 135 Cards

As guaranteed, Hearthstone’s next extension has been declared, and this present one’s topic revolves around the Lich King and Northrend. Entitled Knights of the Frozen Throne, it presents a huge amount of new cards and some free single-player content.

Regarding cards, there will be 135 new ones taking all things together. These incorporate those that have another watchword, Lifesteal, which mends players in light of the harm that it does. There are currently additionally something many refer to as Legendary Hero cards. Whenever played, these supplant your character with an adjusted Death Knight adaptation, which comes outfitted with another capacity and look.

One such card is the six-mana Deathstalker Rexxar; it furnishes you with five protective layer and has a Battlecry that arrangements two harm to all foe cronies. It likewise changes over his Hero energy to Build-a-Beast. This enables you to “create a custom Zombeast” card by picking a couple of cards from two arrangements of three.

Numbering Deathstalker Rexxar, an aggregate of five cards from the extension have been uncovered up until this point. You can see these (alongside the new gameboard) in the display underneath; a couple of them come furnished with the new Lifesteal catchphrase.

Past this, Knights of the Frozen Throne likewise includes a solitary player part, which the latest extension, Journey to Un’Goro, did not. Beginning this year, Blizzard changed the path in which new extensions and single-player Adventures are taken off, and you can see that in play here: Knights of the Frozen Throne accompanies an arrangement of free missions, including a preface, two wings of three supervisor battles each, and a last a fight against the Lich King. Finishing the introduction will net you an irregular Legendary Hero card, while completing each wing will likewise get you a card from the development. In the event that you advance through everything, you’ll likewise acquire a card pack.

Knights of the Frozen Throne dispatches at some point in August. Similarly as with past extensions, an exceptional, one-time pre-arrange offer is accessible where you can buy 50 card packs for $50. Doing as such likewise gets you an exceptional card back, presented above alongside some new work of art. You can also achieve all of cards and more informations here.


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